Street Lights

In Bellevue, street lighting is either provided by the city or Puget Sound Energy (PSE). City-owned and maintained systems are typically found on Bellevue's arterial streets, and PSE systems are typically found in residential areas. Bellevue pays PSE a fee for operating and maintaining street lights in Bellevue. There are approximately 3,100 city and 5,600 PSE street lights in Bellevue.

Burnt-out Street Lights

To report a burnt-out street light, please send us an email with the location and your contact information, in case we have questions. You can also submit your issue online.

New Lights in Residential Areas

You can request a new street light on a public street in your neighborhood. If the new light can be installed on an existing PSE utility pole, there is typically no cost to the resident. Installation requires the approval of all residents within 100 feet of the new street light. NOTE: New street light requests will be filled with LED street lights wherever possible.

To request a new street light on a public street in your residential area, download the Street Light Request Instructions, fill it and submit per the form instructions.

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