Pavement Overlay and Bridge Maintenance

Every two years the city surveys its 1,100-plus lane-miles of roadway pavement to determine where maintenance is needed and to develop a plan.

In addition to street overlays, work includes curb and sidewalk repairs, appropriate Americans with Disabilities Act retrofit work, such as curb ramps, pavement markings and restoring surfaces after the installation of new water mains or sewer improvements (overlay process explained). The Overlay Program also includes the federally-required inspection of 20 bridges within Bellevue’s jurisdiction, and bridge maintenance.

Overlay map

Transportation/Utilities overlay locations

Projects completed in 2018:

  • SE 37th Street – 136th Place SE to 140th Avenue SE
  • SE 38th Street/145th Ave SE – 140th Ave SE to Eastgate Drive
  • SE 40th Street – 135th Ave SE to 138th Ave SE
  • 135th Avenue SE/136th Place SE – SE 40th Street to SE 36th Street
  • 136th Avenue SE – SE 40th Street to 136th Place SE
  • 138th Place SE – 138th Avenue SE to 139th Avenue SE
  • 139th Avenue SE – 139th Place SE to SE 37th Street
  • 140th Avenue SE – SE 38th Street to SE 37th Street
    142nd Place SE – SE 38th Street to SE Eastgate Drive
  • SE Eastgate Drive – 142nd Place SE to 147th Avenue SE

Projects for completion in 2019:

  • SE 28th Street – 148th Avenue SE to Robinswood Park
  • SE 29th Street – 162nd Avenue SE to 165th Avenue SE
  • SE 30th Street – East of Richards Road approximately 700 feet        
  • SE 37th Street – 150th Ave SE to Eastgate Way        
  • SE 38th Street – Allen Road to 156th Ave SE
  • SE 39th Street – 153rd Ave SE to 154th Ave SE        
  • SE 41st Street/155th Ave SE – 154th Ave SE to SE 38th Street
  • SE 43rd St – 155th PL SE – 158th PL SE
  • SE 51st Street – 145th Place SE to 151st Avenue SE
  • 53rd Place SE/ 153rd Ave SE/ 152nd Place SE – 151st Ave SE to 151st Ave S
  • 103rd Avenue SE – SE 25th St to Private Rd                        
  • 145th Place SE/SE 50th Street – South Street Limits to 151st Ave SE
  • 150th Place SE – SE 51st Street to 151st Avenue SE
  • 150th Ave SE/SE 45th St/152nd Ave Se – SE 46th St to 152nd Place SE
  • 151st Ave SE – 150th Place SE to 152nd Place SE  
  • 153rd Ave SE – SE Newport Way to SE 39th Street
  • 154th Ave SE – SE 39th Street to SE 38th Street
  • 156th Ave SE – SE 24th Street to Lake Hills Blvd
  • 156th Ave SE/SE 42nd St – SE 38th St to 153rd Ave SE
  • 164th Place SE – North of SE 34th Street approximately 700 feet
  • SE Allen Road – SE Newport Way to Tyee Middle School        
  • SE Eastgate Way – Richards Road to 150th Avenue SE
  • SE Newport Way – Factoria Blvd to Somerset Blvd
  • SE Newport Way – 152nd Ave SE – SE 42nd Place
  • Lakemont Blvd. SE @ SE Newport Way 
  • Somerset Blvd – SE Newport Way to Somerset Blvd
  • Woodhaven Lane – 106th Ave SE
  • 106th Place NE/NE 18th St – NE 17th St to 108th Ave NE
  • 156th Place NE – NE 4th St
  • Bel-Red Road – 148th Ave NE to NE 20th St (spot locations)

Where are we working this week?

See Traffic Advisories for more information about active projects and traffic impacts.

Report a hazard:

To report a pothole, sidewalk hazard or road hazard that requires prompt attention, contact the Operations and Maintenance 24-hour Emergency Response line 425-452-7840 or email


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