Street Maintenance

image of street maintenance worker on city street

The transportation system requires maintenance and repairs to enhance the safety of users,  improve traffic flow and prolong the system’s useful life.

A 2016 Bellevue customer survey indicated maintenance of existing streets and sidewalks was the 6th most important of 39 city services.

The Transportation Department's Streets group maintains the significant public investments in city streets, sidewalks, traffic signs, roadway markings, guardrails, trails and bike lanes.

Staff respond quickly to issues such as potholes, accident debris, trees blocking the roadway or sightlines and tripping hazards.  Standby support for maintenance needs is available 24/7 on an on-call basis. During severe storms, staff work around the clock to keep streets passable on a prioritized basis.  



Operations and Maintenance 24-Hour Emergency Response line (to report issues such as malfunctioning traffic signals, damaged traffic signs, potholes, trees in the roadway and other problems): 425-452-7840.


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