Sidewalks, Trails and Paths Projects

New sidewalks, trails and paths projects add sidewalks that provide walking access to neighborhoods, schools, parks, shopping and other local neighborhood destinations. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change

Projects under construction

  • Wilburton Area Sidewalk Projects: Construct sidewalk on the west side of 128th Ave. SE/NE, from SE 6th Pl. to NE 2nd St.; complete missing section of sidewalk on east side of 118th Ave. SE, south of Main St.; construct sidewalk on north side of NE 2nd St., between 124th and 128th Aves. NE; replace traffic circle with curb bump outs at the 128th Ave. SE and SE 4th Pl. intersection; install rectangular rapid flashing beacons at 124th Ave. NE and NE 2nd St. intersection.  Place sharrows pavement markings on both sides of 128th Ave. SE/NE and NE 2nd St. within the project limits. Coordination with Bellevue School District. Project flyer (June 2018) (Also listed on Bike Facilities page)

Projects in planning/design

  • Tyee Middle School Safety: Install permanent pathway on west side of 138th Ave. SE, between SE Allen Rd. and SE 40th St. Install school flashing beacons at strategic locations. (Also listed on Neighborhood Safety Project page)
  • 158th Pl. SE -- Main St. to SE 6th St.: Curb, gutter and six-foot wide sidewalk on east side of street, with traffic calming elements where necessary. (Also listed on Neighborhood Safety Projects page)
  • 119th Ave. SE Sidewalk: Construct a 6' sidewalk to connect to the existing sidewalk at the southern driveway of Newport Heights Elementary on the west side of the street. The design phase of this project will evaluate landscaping and streetscape treatment options just north of SE 56th St as well as new channelization to slow down traffic. (Also listed on Neighborhood Safety Project page).


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