Sidewalk and Trail Enhancement

Sidewalk and trail maintenance enhancement includes repairs and improvements to existing transportation facilities with outstanding maintenance needs, such as sidewalks, trails, slopes, walls, poles, lighting, wiring, and street cleaning/sweeping. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change

Projects completed

  • SE 35th Place Interim Walkway: Construct an interim asphalt walkway on the north side of SE 35th Place. to be coordinated with King County sewer work.
  • 156th Ave. NE Corridor Sidewalk Maintenance (Crossroads area): Replace and repair hundreds of sidewalk sections (1.75 miles total) to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Project mailer. Completed May 2018.

Projects in planning/design       

  • Boardwalk replacement in various locations. Phase 1 to repair/replace the boardwalks along Mercer Slough. Next phase will look at citywide needs.


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