Neighborhood Safety Projects

Neighborhood safety projects include traffic calming, speed reduction, and mid-block and other crosswalks with enhanced safety features. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change.

Completed projects

  • 108th Ave. SE -- Bellevue Way to Main St.: 20 MPH school zone around Bellevue High School and pedestrian improvements on SE 16th St between 108th Ave SE and Bellevue Way. Mailer with more information
  • 117th Ave. SE sidewalk: Construct a six-foot pervious sidewalk separated from traffic by a 9.5-foot planter on east side of 117th Ave SE, from SE 54th Pl, approximately 450 feet north to Newport Heights Elementary driveway


Projects under construction

  • 156th Avenue NE -- Main Street to NE 6th Street Pedestrian Improvements: Install new midblock crosswalk at NE 1st Street with rectangular rapid flashing beacon system; install sidewalk on the east side of 156th Avenue NE from NE 1st Place to NE 1st Street; enhance existing midblock crossings at NE 4th Street and NE 6th Street with new rectangular rapid flashing beacon systems. Construction expected to begin April 2019. Construction Alert with Chinese and Spanish translation. (April 2019) Project Update Flyer (June 2018)
  • 158th Place SE --Lake Hills Blvd. to Main Street: Water main replacement, six-foot wide sidewalk on east side of street, with traffic calming elements (Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon system, replace traffic circle. Details in Construction Alert (March 2019) . (Also listed on Sidewalk, Trails & Paths project page)  
  • 112th Ave. NE -- NE 12th St. to SR 520 and 108th Ave NE from Northup Way: Bike facilities in both directions, two new pedestrian crossings and a new northbound left-turn lane at the intersection of 112th Ave NE and NE.24th Street. Project Flyer with Chinese translation (April 2018). (Also listed on Bicycle Facilities project page


Projects in planning/design   

  • Tyee Middle School Safety:  Install permanent walking pathway on the west side of 138th Ave SE, between SE Allen Road and SE 40th St.; install school flashing beacons at strategic locations. Project Update Mailer (April 2019) (Also listed on Sidewalk, Trails and Paths Project webpage)
  • 148th Ave. SE, -- SE 16th to 22nd Sts.--plus sidewalks: Install protected-permissive left turn phasing in the east-west direction at both SE 16th Street and SE 22nd Street. Includes installation of four new signal poles and foundations.
  • SE 16th St. -- 156th to 164th Aves. SE: Pedestrian pathway on south side of SE 16th St. where feasible, raised crosswalk at 160th Ave SE, possible additional speed humps east of 156th; school zone flashing beacons where appropriate.
  • Lake Hills Blvd. -- 148th to 159th Aves. SE: Flashing crosswalk pedestrian-activated system improvements on Lake Hills Blvd at Lake Hills Trail Crossing, 154th Ave SE and 159th Pl SE. Two radar signs between 148th Ave SE and 156th Ave SE.
  • Main St. -- 140th to 164th Aves.: Pedestrian crossing and traffic calming. Flashing crosswalk systems at Main St. and trail crossing, and at 145th Place NE and 153rd Place NE. Install 2 radar signs.
  • NE Bellevue Crosswalk Grant Match: Flashing crosswalk at 6 crosswalk sites (5 existing; 1 new) in northeast Bellevue near Interlake High and Sherwood Elementary Schools and along Northup Way.
  • 100th Ave NE and Vicinity Complete Streets Project: Work with community around 100th Ave. NE to define project scope for possible improvements, such as crosswalk upgrades, school zone flashing beacons, radar sign relocations, green way and walkway.
  • 119th Ave SE Sidewalk : Construct a 6' sidewalk to connect to the existing sidewalk at the southern driveway of Newport Heights Elementary on the west side of the street. The design phase of this project will evaluate landscaping and streetscape treatment options just north of SE 56th St as well as new channelization to slow down traffic. (Also listed on Sidewalk, Trails and Paths Project webpage)
  • Forest Drive Pedestrian Crossings: Flashing crosswalk pedestrian-activated systems for five existing crosswalks; install new marked crosswalk with flashing beacon on Forest Drive, from Somerset Drive to SE 152nd Ave SE, to improve safety, circulation and connectivity. 
  • Lakemont Blvd. at Red Town Trailhead Pedestrian Crossing: Install equipment and signage at the site of a new private development on the north side of Lakemont Blvd, to connect with Red Town Trailhead.


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