Bicycle Facilities Projects

New projects include facilities to create a safe and connected bike network for commuting, recreation and family activities. Project descriptions, costs and levy funding are subject to change

Completed projects   

  • SE 38th St. -- I-90 Overpass to 154th Ave. SE: Conventional bike lanes on both sides of SE 38th St, from the I‐90 pedestrian/bike overpass to 150th Ave, and separated bike lanes on both sides of SE 38th St from 150th Ave SE to 154 Ave SE, with an on‐street pedestrian path on the north side in same location.
  • 139th Ave. SE -- SE Eastgate Way to Kamber Rd. bike lanes: Conventional bike lanes on both sides of 139th Ave SE, from SE Eastgate Way to Kamber Road. Between SE Eastgate Way and SE 32nd St, a buffered lane will be installed on east side of street. Completed August 2018
  • 108th Ave. NE -- NE 12th to NE 24th St,: Sharrows and wayfinding signage to identify neighborhood bike route to increase visibility of bicyclists along corridor. Project flyer . Completed August 2018 
  • 108th Ave. SE -- Enatai Bicycle Improvements: Bike lanes on both sides of 108th Ave. SE from SE 34th St to SE 21st StProject flyer. Completed August 2018
  • 142nd Ave. SE, from SE 36th to SE 32nd St bike project: Install conventional bike lane in the uphill (northbound) direction on the east side and shared lane markings (sharrows) on the west side of 142nd from SE 36th St. to SE 32nd St
  • 108th Ave NE -- Main St to NE 12th St Downtown Demonstration Bikeway: Install, as a demonstration project, designated space to ride along 108th Ave NE in downtown. Separated bike lanes, striped bike lanes, bright green pavement markings, shared lane pavement markings (sharrows). Project flyer (June 2018), bus platform construction flyer (October 2018);  Project webpage. Completed July 2018.
  • NE 24th St., Northup Way to SR 520 Trail: Separated bike lanes on both sides of NE 24th St from Northup Way to the SR 520 Trail (just west of 23rd Place). Bike lanes will be at least 5 feet wide with at least 2‐foot wide buffers. Will serve as an extension to the regional off‐street trail. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities..   
  • NE 24th St., Bellevue Way to 112th Ave. NE. Sharrows pavement markings on NE 24th Street to increase visibility of bicyclists traveling along corridor. Completed September 2017.   
  • Village Park Dr., Lakemont Blvd. to 179th Ave. SE. Separated bike lanes on both sides of Village Park Drive from Lakemont Blvd to 179th Ave SE. Improvements supported through Pavement Overlay Program. Completed September 2017.    
  • Lake Washington Blvd.,  south city limits to Lake Washington Loop Trail. Sharrows on both sides of 106th and Lake Washington Boulevard SE. Improvements supported through Pavement Overlay Program. Completed August 2017.

Projects under construction

  • 112th Ave. NE -- NE 12th St. to SR 520 and 108th Ave. NE from Northup Way: Bike facilities in both directions, two new pedestrian crossings and a new northbound left-turn lane at the intersection of 112th Ave. NE and NE.24th St. Project Flyer with Chinese translation (April 2018); Project flyer (September 2018)
  • 156th Ave. SE 24th St. to Lake Hills Blvd bike project: Install bicycle lanes in both directions along 156th Ave., from SE 24th St. to Lake Hills Blvd in coordination with the city's Overlay Program. Project flyer/No parking notice (May 2018)
  • SE Newport Way west of 150th Ave. SE -- Factoria Blvd. SE to 130th Pl. SE bike lanes: Extending existing bike lanes west to complete the connection to the intersection with Factoria Blvd. SE. Reconfigure roadway between 129th Pl. SE and 130th Pl. SE to provide on-street parking lane and buffered bike lane.
  • SE Newport Way east of 150th Ave. SE -- 152nd Ave. SE to Lakemont Blvd. SE bike lanes: Bike lanes on both sides of Newport Way from 152nd Ave. SE to SE 42nd Pl. and separated bike lanes from SE 42nd Pl. to Lakemont Blvd. SE. Will serve as one of two primary east-west routes along I-90 corridor through Bellevue.

Projects in planning/design

  • Eastgate Way -- Richards Rd. to SE 35th Pl. bike lanes: Separated bike lanes and on-street pedestrian path adjacent to bike lane from Richards Rd. to existing sidewalk west of 139th Ave. SE; conventional bike lanes from SE 35th Pl. to entrance of the I-90 Trail. Alternatives being considered for pedestrian path.
  • SE 8th St. -- 114th Ave. SE to Lake Hills Connector: Bike lanes on both sides of SE 8th St. (in support of 114th Ave. SE from SE 8th St. to Main St.)​


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