South Bellevue Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation

In spring 2016, the city began working with affected neighborhoods in helping to identify traffic mitigation tools and locations to lessen the potential traffic impacts due to East Link construction. Specifically, East Link construction will impact Bellevue Way Southeast from near the current location of the South Bellevue Park and Ride along the roadway to the “Y” intersection (Bellevue Way and 112th Avenue Southeast) and extending onto 112th Avenue. The construction will involve building the guideway of the East Link light rail and South Bellevue station. Bellevue Way Southeast is a major arterial serving downtown Bellevue and the neighborhoods south of downtown. It is key connection for commuters entering and exiting Bellevue via I-90. When traffic becomes congested, typically southbound during the afternoon commute, some drivers bypass the congestion by using 108th Avenue Southeast and other neighborhood streets.

The Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee (NTMC) includes a broad and geographically balanced representation from the neighborhoods of Bellecrest, Enatai and Surrey Downs and Beaux Arts Village. Membership includes one member of the Board of the above listed neighborhoods and 7 “community-at-large” members. The Committee is recommending mitigation with a "monitor and response" approach.

The NTMC has worked to recommend mitigation tools that best mitigate neighborhood traffic impacts resulting East Link construction which is now occurring on Bellevue Way (began in June 2017)  and 112th Ave. SE (began July 2017). 

Pilot project to discourage evening commuter traffic in south Bellevue neighborhoods

Turn restrictions have been in place on SE 16th St/108th Ave SE and SE 16th St/Bellevue Way since September 5, 2017 and have been effective at discouraging weekday, afternoon commuter traffic from using neighborhood streets since light rail construction began this summer on Bellevue Way and 112th Ave. SE.

After three months of gathering feedback, measuring traffic volumes and observing how the pilot turns restrictions are operating, modifications will be made to the turn restrictions that will help to facilitate residential access while also making the restrictions more visible and conducive to effective enforcement.

Starting Jan. 13, 2018, features in effect Mon-Friday, 4 to 7 pm:

  • No access to 108th Ave SE south of SE 16th St from southbound 108th Ave SE
  • No access to southbound Bellevue Way from westbound SE 16th St at Bellevue Way SE    

These changes are being extended through June 2018 and are intended:

  • To improve community access, westbound access from SE 16th St across Bellevue Way will open. Left turns are still restricted from westbound SE 16th to southbound Bellevue Way. Monday-Friday, 4-7 PM. 
  • To increase visibility and compliance of the turn restrictions, stop signs will be added to the northbound and southbound legs of 108th Ave SE at SE 16th St making this intersection an all-way stop. The all-way stop is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Southbound 108th Ave SE traffic must turn right at this intersection onto SE 16th St Monday-Friday, 4-7 PM.

The restrictions do not apply to transit vehicles or to people bicycling.

The city will continue to evaluate the pilot through traffic volume studies, operations, and feedback and determine if it will remain throughout light rail construction in South Bellevue.

Let us know your experiences and observations with the pilot project by completing a short survey.

See public comments received to-date.

Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee Meetings

Original Draft South Bellevue Traffic Mitigation Plan

In September 2016, residents of Bellecrest, Enatai, Surrey Downs and Beaux Arts Village received a mailer which seeks their feedback on a draft traffic mitigation plan to be implemented during East Link construction on Bellevue Way and 112th Avenue Southeast. The draft plan recommends strategic turn restrictions at key entrances in/out of these neighborhoods to deter commuter traffic from using neighborhood streets and is the recommendation of the Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee (NTMC). Residents in the impacted neighborhoods were asked to complete an online survey by to share feedback that will be shared with the Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee in late October. The online survey is closed.

Draft South Bellevue Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Plan – Mailer

The draft plan as proposed to residents is not being pursued.

South Bellevue East Link Construction Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Kick-off Meeting

The city’s Transportation Department hosted an informational meeting on April 27, 2016 with the Bellecrest, Enatai and Surrey Downs neighborhoods and Beaux Arts Village to share background on known areas of traffic conditions and constraints, to receive additional feedback on other areas of concerns as they relate to East Link construction, and to address the next steps to form the South Bellevue East Link Construction NTMC. Below are the materials from the initial meeting:



Marie Jensen, East Link OutreachJohn Murphy, Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services


425-452-2064 (Marie) 425-452-6967 (John)

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