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East Link construction is in high gear; Stay informed

East Link light rail construction in Bellevue is increasing. By the summer of 2017, all segments within the city will have construction activities that will sometimes impact your how you access Bellevue. Your patience in planning your commute in advance and your understanding the construction schedules often change are appreciated. This page contains construction updates and impacts as they become known and are listed by segment area.
Specific questions can best be answered by Sound Transit, the agency building East Link. (See contact box to the right). Additional resources:

To keep you moving, city resources on road conditions include:

General News   

  • I-90 bus service changes start Sept. 2018. Service changes  to Sound Transit and Metro routes will occur this fall when the Rainier Freeway Station closes (and the I-90 bus ramp) to build the Judkins Park Link Station.  Details and map in Construction Alert (01.09.18)
  • New Park-and-Ride lot opens Jan. 2, 1212 104th Ave SE. ST550 and ST555/556 & Metro 249 riders have a new commuter parking lot in south Bellevue. This lot supports parking during the closure of the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride. Project Update (12.28.17)
  • Pilot turn restrictions at SE 16th St/108th Ave and SE 16th St/Bellevue Way modified and extended, starting Sat. Jan. 13, 2018. Turn restrictions implemented in early Sept. 2017 have been effective in discouraging commuter traffic in neighborhoods since East Link construction on Bellevue Way and 112th Ave SE began this summer. Read the details about the modified pilot program. 
  • How to access City Hall during light rail construction   
  • East Link updates to the City Council - Subscribe to receive City Council Agendas

    South Bellevue Segment/Area

  • Three I-90 ramps to Bellevue Way SE closed Jan. 20-21,  Three ramps from I-90 to Bellevue Way closed Sat. Jan 20 from 5:30 am through 9 pm on Sun. Jan. 21. All lanes of Bellevue Way SE between 112th Ave SE and I-90 remain open. Ramps from southbound Bellevue Way to westbound and eastbound I-90 remain open. No access from I-90 to northbound Bellevue Way.  Details in Construction Alert (01.18.18)
    • This closure will repeat overnight on Wed. Jan 24 through Thurs. Jan. 25 from 9 pm to 5 am.
  • Bellevue Way SE, weekday traffic impacts, Jan. 22-26. Planned and as needed daily and overnight closures. Details in Construction Alert (01.18.18)
  • Bellevue Way SE, weekday traffic impacts, Jan 16-19. Expect daily/overnight closures (8pm to 3pm) on Bellevue Way to I-90 west HOV ramp. Details in Construction Alert (01.11.18) 
  • 112th Ave SE as needed closures Jan 16-19: One northbound lane on 112th Ave SE between SE 8th St and Bellevue Way SE may close 9 am to 4 pm. One southbound lane on 112th Ave SE between SE 8th St and Bellevue Way SE may close 7 am to 3 pm. Details in Construction Alert. (01.11.18)    
  • SE 30th Street between Bellevue Way SE and Sweyolocken Boat launch, 24 hour closure Jan. 17-19. Kayak launch access available at Enatai Beach Park. Details in Construction Alert. (01.11.18)
  • Bellevue Way SE/112th Ave SE intersection Utility Relocation Project begins Jan. 8 through mid-February. Prep work on Sat. Jan. 6. PSE & Potelco relocating existing above ground electrical infrastructure and associated equipment. Details in PSE Project Alert (01.04.18)        
  • Pilot turn restrictions at SE 16th St/108th Ave and SE 16th St/Bellevue Way modified and extended, starting Jan. 13, 2018Read the details about the pilot program. 
    • Features in effect Monday through Friday, 4 to 7 p.m.
      • No access to 108th Avenue SE south of SE 16th Street from southbound 108th Ave SE. Intersection is now an "all-way stop" intersection.
      • No access to southbound Bellevue Way from westbound SE 16th St at Bellevue Way SE

  • Construction staging at Enatai Beach Park. October 2017 - March 2018. To stage construction equipment needed to establish the work zone to perform seismic retrofit work that will occur along the East Channel Bridge. Work. Park will remain open during the work; 12 parking spaces of the 24 in the upper lot (under I-90) may be unavailable. Parking available in the lower lot. This work is being done as part of the I-90 segment of East Link. Work hours Mon-Fri, 7 am-5pm; Sat. 9am-6pm. Expect truck traffic and intermittent lane closures on 108th Ave SE. Details and map in Construction Alert (09.29.17)
  • Winters House Protection and Monitoring underwayMore information in Construction Alert.(09.06.17) 
  • SE 15th Street closed July 31, 2017 for approximately 3 years. Workers and visitors needing to access Bellefield Office Park will use 114th Ave SE from SE 8th Street
  • SE 4th Street entrance from 112th Avenue SE permanently closed. .City sent postcard to Surrey Downs and Bellecrest neighbors. 
  • Winters House closed during construction.  The Eastside Heritage Center's archive and research services has been relocated. To access the collection, call 425-450-1109 or email collections@eastsideheritagecenter.org
  • South Bellevue Park and Ride closed during construction. Commuters are asked not to park within Bellevue neighborhoods.   New lot opens Jan. 2, 2018 at 1212-104th Ave SE.  
    • Display boards from May 31, 2017 Open House. See construction zones. Learn about construction activities. View schematic of South Bellevue station and art. See areas where construction work hours are extended. Link to display boards (PDF)


    Central Bellevue Segment/Area

    Area includes East Main, Bellevue Downtown, Wilburton and Spring District/120th Stations. The downtown tunnel is located in the area but was contracted separately.

    • NE 8th Street between NE 116th Ave NE and NE 20th Ave: Closing 1 westbound lane and 1 eastbound lane to remove media. Sat. Jan. 20, 9 am to 6 pm.        
    • Utility Work on 111th Avenue SE in Surrey Downs Neighborhood starting Jan. 11. Lane restrictions needed to replace storm sewer line as part of East Main Station construction. Work Hours Mon-Fri, 7am to 4pm. Curbside parking restricted. Work expected to take up to 6 weeks. Details in project flyer (01.02.18)
    • Daily weekday southbound lane closure on 112th Avenue SE south of Main Street.
    • City Hall Construction Impacts
      • Garage demolition. Starting began Dec. 11. A portion of the garage at City Hall will be demolished to make way for the Bellevue Downtown Station. Details in Construction Alert (12.05.17)          
      • Long-term closure on 110th Ave NE begins Oct. 9.A full closure (all lanes, all directions, 24-hour) will begin in the northern portion of 110th Ave NE - from the driveway at City Hall up to NE 6th St. Details and map in Construction Alert (09.18.17)
        • Phase 1: Full closure is scheduled for 9 months (through spring 2018); needed to build north tunnel portal.
        • Phase 2: Partial closure (spring 2018-winter 2018); one lane of traffic; each direction to open
        • Phase 3: Full closure (winter 2018-spring 2019) in northern portion needed for road restoration. 
      • NE 6th Street access to City Hall is permanent closed.
      • Watch video on how best to access City Hall during light rail construction (Dec. 2017)
      • Read brochure on how best to access City Hall during light rail construction (Oct. 2017)  
    • 114th Ave NE cul-de-sac closure July 2017-July 2019; Bicycle detour in place. Details in construction alert (06.22.17) City handout on NE 2nd Street bike lane detour (07.27.17) Map of new parking created in area (12.21.17) 
    • Tunnel excavation continues. 24/hour, Monday-Saturday operations. South portal located at Main Street/112th Avenue SE; north portal located at 110th Ave NE/NE 6th Street. 
    • Display Boards from June 6, 2017 Open House: See construction zones and learn about key construction elements. View schematics of East Main, Bellevue Downtown, Wilburton & Spring District/120th stations. Link to display boards (PDF)

    BelRed Segment/Area

    The Bel-Red/130th Station and the Operations and Maintenance Facility-East are located in this area.     

    Overlake-SR520 Segment/Area

    The Overlake Village and Redmond Technology stations are located in this area.    


      I-90 Segment/Area       

      • Island Crest Way closures Sat. Jan. 20, 7 am to 3 pm for utility work. Details and maps in Construction Alert (01.18.18)
        • Eastbound Island Crest Way HOV off-ramp
        • Eastbound Island Crest Way general purpose off-ramp (Exit 7B)
        • Westbound Island Crest Way HOV on-ramp.
      • I-90 Ramp closure and weekend work for Mercer Island station construction.Details and map in Construction Alert (01.04.18)
        • Mon Jan 8 - Fri. March 2: Island Crest Way westbound HOV on-ramp closures Mon-Fri, 9 am to 3 pm. Drivers can use the West Mercer Way and 76th Avenue SE westbound on-ramps.
      • Open House Display Boards: View display boards from the July 12, 2017 construction kick off open house.      

      • More about the Two-Way Transit Project  


      Sound Transit East Link Outreach/City of Bellevue Outreach


      206-398-5465 Sound Transit/425-452-2064 City of Bellevue

      Emergency Phone Number

      1-888-298-2395 (Sound Transit 24-hour construction hotline)



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