Access Bellevue

The Access Bellevue initiative is a collaborative communications effort to keep the public informed about East Link light rail and surrounding construction occurring in Bellevue.

Access Bellevue City Hall during light rail construction

Bellevue City Hall is an active construction zone for the East Link light rail project. Learn how to best access City Hall 

Access Bellevue mailer

In September 2017, homes and businesses in Bellevue received an "Access Bellevue" mailer intended to inform readers about construction projects, most specifically East Link, occurring in the city and to provide resource information to learn more.

Bellevue Traveler Information Survey Results

In July 2017, an online survey was conducted to find out how people who commute to/from Bellevue get traveler information about Bellevue.

Access Bellevue Resources    


Marie JensenEast Link Outreach Lead



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