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The Bellevue Way Southeast HOV project (video) calls for widening the street to create a southbound, high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lane. The lane would run from the “Y” intersection at 112th Avenue Southeast to the main entrance of the South Bellevue light rail station (formerly the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride). A shorter version would run from the Winters House to the light rail station.


In May 2018 the City Council directed staff to defer additional design work on the project until 2021-2022, with construction to follow as funding becomes available in the capital budget. Progress on the project's design reached the 30 percent level of completion and that work would still be applicable once the project resumes. Project mailer.

image of Bellevue Way HOV map

Enlarge map


As Bellevue has grown, traffic has increased along Bellevue Way Southeast and the city has explored options to build a new southbound HOV lane. The new lane would increase capacity for traffic leaving downtown and improve transit speed and reliability.


Once fully funded, the project will include a new 12-foot-wide, southbound HOV lane, two 11-foot-wide general-purpose lanes to replace the existing ones, and a five-foot wide planter at the base of a retaining wall. It will run from near the historic Winters House to the future South Bellevue light rail station (formerly a park-and-ride lot). There, it will connect to the section of Bellevue Way, including an HOV lane that extends to I-90, being built by Sound Transit.

The early design work also includes a second project phase, which would extend the HOV lane from the Winters House to just north of the “Y” intersection at 112th Avenue Southeast. It would be funded and built following completion of the first phase.

Southbound corridor cross-section:
image of diagram showing proposed southbound corridor cross section on Bellevue Way HOV SE

Rendering of one option:

image of Bellevue Way with proposed features labelled



  • May 2018: Work on project is deferred until 2021-2022
  • April 2018: Early design project update open house
  • Winter 2017-2018: Presentation to City Council
  • Fall 2017: Online and in-person open house, brief Transportation Commission
  • Summer 2017: Complete 30 percent design, environmental studies
  • June 2017: Held in-person and online open house
  • January 2017: Held open house


The budget for the design phase, environmental documentation and public involvement through 2017 was $4.4 million. Additional funding will be needed for right of way acquisition and construction.

Outreach materials

Several open houses have been held to collect community feedback. Outreach materials from the events include:


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