124th/130th Ave NE Corridors

124th Corridor: NE 8th Street to Northup Way

The 124th Avenue NE Corridor has been phased into four different projects because of the availability of funding and coordination needed with other projects and developments in the area. When all four are completed, they will connect with each other and have several elements in common.

The corridor will be widened to five lanes and have either a multi-purpose pathway or sidewalk separated by a planter strip to improve access, circulation and mobility options between Downtown Bellevue and the BelRed area. To improve safety and traffic operations, new traffic signals, LED street lights, landscaping and urban design features will enhance the area. When the corridor is complete, these improvements will reflect compatibility with development and better connectivity of people with places in the BelRed area. 

130th Avenue NE: BelRed Road to NE 20th Street

This project redevelops 130th Avenue NE between BelRed Road and NE 20th Street. The segment north of the planned intersection with NE Spring Boulevard will include a retail focused/pedestrian-oriented design with a two-lane cross-section, bike lanes and on-street parking. The segment south of the NE Spring Boulevard intersection will transition from the retail street design to the north to a three-lane section. The project will be designed in coordination with the Sound Transit East Link light rail project crossing 130th Avenue NE at the NE 16th Street alignment and the planned light rail station and the park-n-ride facility between 130th and 132 Avenues NE. 



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