2009 Pedestrian-Bicycle Plan

Bellevue supports walking and biking as safe, healthy and attractive image of bicyclists riding with downtown skyline in backgroundalternatives to driving.

To help make biking and walking easier, the city has updated its 1999 Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan.

Approved by the City Council in February 2009 after a long public process, the new ped-bike plan identifies more than 400 projects that, when funded, would make biking and walking in Bellevue safer and easier.

2009 Plan

Ped-Bike Plan
Ped-Bike Plan Summary

Project Maps

Pedestrian Project Map (March 2009) 
Bicycle Project Map (March 2009)

Technical Appendices

Interactive Project Map
Public Involvement Report No. 1
Draft Network Report Plan
Public Involvement Report No 2
Photo-Visualization Report
Collision Data
Bicycle Corridor Report
Prioritization Framework


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