Pedestrian & Bicycle Implementation Initiative

The 2009 Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan articulates a shared vision of a desirable future that remains relevant today. The image of bicyclist riding past wayfinding signPedestrian and Bicycle Implementation Initiative is a complement of action-oriented efforts that will advance project designs and programs identified in the 2009 Ped-Bike Plan to make Bellevue a great place to walk and bike.

In February 2015 the City Council initiated the initiative, which is guided by ten Program Principles. In May 2015 the Transportation Commission approved a detailed scope of work, which identifies seven primary tasks, associated sub-tasks and the staff from various departments who will work collaboratively to promote solutions in engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and enforcement.

Contact the Project Team

  • If you want to volunteer to help the PBII, or if you represent a business or organization that wants to be involved in this initiative, contact Franz Loewenherz, principal transportation planner (425-452-4077 or
  • For general questions about the Pedestrian & Bicycle Implementation Initiative, contact Andreas Piller, associate planner (425-452-2931 or


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