Capital Investment Program Plan

Bellevue's Capital Investment Program Plan presents a schedule of major public facility improvements that will be implemented over aimage of construction work on Spring Boulevard project seven-year period.

Project design, land acquisition, construction costs and the projected means of financing are components of the plan.

In December 2016, the City Council approved the 2017-2023 Capital Investment Program Plan (CIP) budget.

2017-2023 Capital Investment Program Plan

2015-2021 Capital Investment Program Plan

2013-2019 Capital Investment Program Plan

Projects included in the CIP Plan are derived from several sources, including long-range plans adopted by the City Council, needs assessments and public surveys, input from residents, the business community and boards and commissions.

This process ensures the CIP is responsive to the direction set by the City Council, as laid out in the city's Comprehensive Plan and supporting documents. The CIP Plan presents the highest priority projects funded from available revenue sources.

Projects are organized into major program areas: Transportation, Parks, General Government, Public Safety, Community Development, Economic Development, Neighborhood Enhancement Program, Neighborhood Investment Strategy, Water, Sewer and Storm Drainage.

Ever wonder how a Transportation CIP project gets created? It's quite a process. Click on the video link below to learn more. 


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