Transportation Design Manual Drawings

The City of Bellevue periodically updates the drawings on this page. The March 2018 update of the standard drawings includes the addition of three new drawings and revisions to 49 drawings. Those drawings are denoted by the reference (New) or (Updated) after their titles.

The January 2017 update of the Transportation Design Manual included a reorganization of the standard drawings. That reorganization consisted of new groupings of drawings and new drawing numbers. A cross-reference list with the standard drawings listed in their pre-2017 order is provided to facilitate cross-referencing between the old and new drawing organization.

Each drawing is available in two electronic formats: a portable document format (PDF) and AutoCAD® drawing format (CAD).

Roadside Layout

  • RL-100-1   Sight Distance Setback Lines   PDF   CAD
  • RL-110-1    Sight Distance - Uncontrolled and Yield Intersections   PDF   CAD
  • RL-120-1   Pedestrian Sight Lines   PDF   CAD

Sidewalks, Curb Ramps, and Driveways

  • SW-100-1   Cement Concrete Curbs   PDF   CAD
  • SW-110-1    Sidewalk (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SW-120-1   (Deleted) 
  • SW-130-1   Soil Preparation for Landscape Strips (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SW-140-1   Driveway or Private Road Approach with Sidewalk - Option 1   PDF   CAD
  • SW-150-1   Driveway or Private Road Approach with Sidewalk - Option 2   PDF   CAD
  • SW-160-1   Driveway or Private Road Approach with Sidewalk - Option 3   PDF   CAD
  • SW-170-1   Driveway or Private Road Approach with Sidewalk - Option 4   PDF   CAD
  • SW-180-1   Driveway Approach Where Curb-Gutter Exists (No Sidewalk)   PDF   CAD
  • SW-190-1   Driveway Approach Where No Curb-Gutter Exists   PDF   CAD
  • SW-200-1   Curb Ramp Construction Notes   PDF   CAD
  • SW-210-1   Parallel Cement Concrete Curb Ramp (Type 2)   PDF   CAD
  • SW-220-1   Combination Ramp   PDF   CAD
  • SW-230-1   Perpendicular Cement Concrete Curb Ramp (Type 1)   PDF   CAD
  • SW-240-1   Directional Cement Concrete Curb Ramp (Type 3)   PDF   CAD
  • SW-250-1   Detectable Warning Surfaces   PDF   CAD
  • SW-260-1   Detectable Warning Surface Placement   PDF   CAD


Roadway Construction

  • RC-100-1   Typical Collector/Arterial Street (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-110-1   Typical Local Street   PDF   CAD
  • RC-120-1   Right Angle "L" Intersection (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-130-1   Turnaround Facilities   PDF   CAD
  • RC-140-1   Traffic Circle Details (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-150-1   Traffic Circle Dimensions (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-160-1   Patterned Concrete Entry Treatment   PDF   CAD
  • RC-170-1   Speed Hump (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-180-1   Elongated Speed Hump (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-190-1   Typical Trench in Right of Way (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-200-1   Asphalt Overlay for Trench Restoration   PDF   CAD
  • RC-210-1   Rigid Pavement Patching and Restoration Details (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-220-1   Pavement Restoration for Window Cuts (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RC-230-1   Commercial Project Site - Street Frontage Improvements   PDF   CAD
  • RC-240-1   Typical Asphalt Pavement Details at Curb and Gutter Installation   PDF   CAD
  • RC-250-1   Utility Adjustment Detail   PDF   CAD
  • RC-260-1   Pipe Monument, Case and Cover   PDF   CAD
  • RC-270-1   Mailbox Stand   PDF   CAD
  • RC-280-1   Cluster Mailbox Detail   PDF   CAD


  • CW-100-1   Crosswalk Markings   PDF   CAD
  • CW-110-1   Crosswalk Markings at Median   PDF   CAD
  • CW-120-1   Raised Crosswalk (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CW-130-1   Raised Crosswalk with Perpendicular Curb Ramp (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CW-140-1   Raised Crosswalk with Parallel Curb Ramp (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CW-150-1   Raised Crosswalk Signing (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CW-160-1   Raised School Crosswalk Signing (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CW-170-1   At-Grade School Crosswalk Signing   PDF   CAD


  • CH-100-1   Channelization Lines – A (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-110-1   Channelization Lines – B (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-120-1   Raised Pavement Marker Details (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-130-1   Precast Traffic Curbs for Maintenance of Existing Curb   PDF   CAD
  • CH-140-1   Precast Traffic Curb Installation for Maintenance of Existing Curb (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-150-1   Precast Concrete Dual Faced Sloped Mountable Curb (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-160-1   Precast Concrete Sloped Mountable Curb (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-170-1   Pavement Arrow Markings (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-180-1   Highway - Rail Grade Crossing Pavement Markings   PDF   CAD
  • CH-190-1   Noncontinuous Left Turn Lane   PDF   CAD
  • CH-200-1   Left Turn and Two Way Left Turn Lane   PDF   CAD
  • CH-210-1   Dual Left Turn at Intersection   PDF   CAD
  • CH-220-1   Typical Channelization at Median Islands   PDF   CAD
  • CH-230-1   Drop Lanes and Pockets   PDF   CAD
  • CH-240-1   Buffered Bicycle Lane Channelization (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • CH-241-1     Striped Bicycle Lane Channelization (New)   PDF   CAD
  • CH-250-1   Bicycle Lanes at Intersections (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • CH-260-1   Bike Lane Treatment at Right Turn Pocket (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • CH-270-1   Bike Facility Marking   PDF   CAD
  • CH-280-1   Rumble Strip and 25 MPH Legend   PDF   CAD
  • CH-290-1   Private Commercial Road/Public Street Intersection   PDF   CAD 
  • CH-300-1    Material Specification for Channelization (New)PDF   CAD

Roadside Safety

  • RS-100-1   Safety Railing Installation Warrants    PDF   CAD
  • RS-110-1   Notes for Metal Safety Railing (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • RS-120-1   Metal Safety Railing Details (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • RS-130-1   Wood Safety Railing   PDF   CAD
  • RS-140-1   Combination Guardrail & Handrail   PDF   CAD


  • SG-100-1   Sign Installation Details (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • SG-110-1   Stop and Yield Sign Post Reflector Attachment   PDF   CAD
  • SG-120-1   Time Restricted Parking   PDF   CAD
  • SG-130-1   Street Name Sign - Type 1, Non-Arterial Street (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SG-140-1   Street Name Sign (Private Road) - Type 1, Non-Arterial Street (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SG-150-1   Street Name Sign - Type 2, Arterial Street   PDF   CAD
  • SG-160-1   Street Name Sign (Private Road) - Type 2, Arterial Street   PDF   CAD
  • SG-170-1   Street Name Sign - Types 3A, 3B, & 3C; Mast Arm   PDF   CAD
  • SG-180-1   Memorial Sign Layouts – A   PDF   CAD
  • SG-190-1   Memorial Sign Layouts – B   PDF   CAD

Traffic Signals & Street Lighting

  • SL-100-1   Roadway Lighting Detail (Concrete Pole) (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SL-110-1   Roadway Lighting Detail (Davit Pole) (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • SL-120-1   Typical Luminaire Locations   PDF   CAD
  • SL-130-1   Luminaire Schedule and Illumination Wire Schedule   PDF   CAD
  • SL-140-1   Aluminum Pedestal Base & Foundation (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SL-150-1   RRFB Assembly   PDF   CAD
  • SL-160-1   Type 1/Type 2 Junction Box on Grade for Landscape Areas   PDF   CAD
  • SL-170-1   Type 8 Modified Junction Box   PDF   CAD
  • SL-180-1   Communication Junction Box Detail   PDF   CAD
  • SL-190-1   Fiber Optic Vault   PDF   CAD
  • SL-200-1   Signal Cabinet Foundation Detail (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SL-210-1   Signal and Service Cabinet Foundation Detail (Updated)  PDF   CAD 
  • SL-211-1     Service Cabinet Foundation Detail (New)    PDF   CAD
  • SL-220-1   Service Cabinet Detail (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SL-230-1   Service Cabinet Wiring Detail   PDF   CAD
  • SL-240-1   Panel Schedule   PDF   CAD
  • SL-250-1   Fiber Optic Cabinet   PDF   CAD
  • SL-260-1   COHU Video Camera Mount - Luminaire Arm Detail (Updated)   PDF   CAD
  • SL-270-1   Video Converter Cabinet Detail   PDF   CAD
  • SL-280-1   Standard Intersection Movements and Head Numbers   PDF   CAD
  • SL-290-1   Loop Detector Layout and Bicycle Marking   PDF   CAD
  • SL-300-1   Loop Numbering Scheme   PDF   CAD
  • SL-310-1    Loop Winding Details   PDF   CAD
  • SL-320-1   Loop Detector Detail   PDF   CAD
  • SL-330-1   Typical Conduit Placement for Loop Detectors   PDF   CAD
  • SL-340-1   Induction Loop Test   PDF   CAD
  • SL-350-1   Field Wiring Chart   PDF   CAD
  • SL-360-1   Signal Head Clearance Detail   PDF   CAD


  • DT-100-1   Downtown Driveway   PDF   CAD
  • DT-110-1   Downtown Sidewalk with Tree Pits (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • DT-120-1   Downtown Sidewalk with Landscape Strip (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • DT-130-1   Downtown Sidewalk Construction Notes (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • DT-140-1   Enhanced and Exceptional Intersections   PDF   CAD
  • DT-150-1   Typical Raised All-Way Stop Intersection   PDF   CAD
  • DT-160-1   Brick Paver Installation for Old Bellevue District (Updated)  PDF   CAD

BelRed Corridor

  • BR-100-1   Concrete Intersection at Transit Crossing (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • BR-110-1   Concrete Intersection (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • BR-120-1   Concrete Intersection Details (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • BR-130-1   Crosswalk Wave Pattern Detail (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • BR-140-1   Crosswalk Wave Template Placement, 5 Lane Section (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • BR-150-1   Crosswalk Wave Template Placement with Guideway (Updated)  PDF   CAD
  • BR-160-1   Crosswalk Wave - Stamped Ring Templates (Updated)  PDF   CAD


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