Frequently Asked Questions

What is Right of Way?

Learn what the right of way is and where it's typically located. 

 How do I schedule an inspection?

The City of Bellevue makes scheduling an inspection easy. You can do it by telephone (call 425-452-6875) or online through More information is available to schedule an inspection.

Someone has painted colored lines on the right of way. Who does this? What are the lines for?

State law requires that underground utilities such as power or gas lines or water pipes be located in advance of ANY digging (greater than 12 inches for agricultural purposes) within the right of way.  

This is to both protect the underground utility and the excavator. You are seeing the results of an excavator's request for "locates" within the general area of proposed work. The lines may be for planning purposes to identify possible areas for new utility installation or for maintenance purposes. Each color reflects the presence of a specific type of utility and its general running direction.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk?

Bellevue is different from many other jurisdictions in that it will maintain and repair all sidewalks. The city has specific standards as to when a sidewalk will be repaired. Please contact Streets Maintenance at 425-452-7840 for more information.

Will the city repair a driveway apron?

Repair, replacement or establishment of a new driveway apron is the responsibility of the homeowner. A right of way use permit is required for this work as it often forces changes to curb, gutter, sidewalk, drainage or other infrastructure.

There is a rolled curb in front of my house.  Should I park partially on the sidewalk to get more of my vehicle off of the street?

It is illegal at any time for a vehicle to be parked on a public sidewalk without the issuance of a right of way use permit from the city. When permitted, the sidewalk must be signed as closed and a viable, ADA-compliant alternate pedestrian route identified.

I don't want to block the sidewalk with my cans on garbage collection day. What should I do?

Since Bellevue has few alleys, there is going to be an inherent conflict with cans and pedestrian facilities on collection day. It is important to be a good neighbor and consider others when placing your cans out. Try to maintain the greatest amount of room possible on the sidewalk and remove your cans as soon as possible following collection. Cans should be removed from the right of way within 24 hours.

Can I place my basketball hoop in the right of way?

While the City of Bellevue endorses fun and recreation, safety is in our top priority. Basketball hoops, hockey nets and other toys placed in the public right of way create an inherent safety conflict between players and motorists. If your hoop or toys are on the street or blocking the sidewalk you may get a letter from the City of Bellevue requiring its removal.

I am having a load of bark (topsoil, rock, etc.) delivered to my house. Can I have them dump it on the street or sidewalk?

Deliveries must be done off the street and the materials covered if not immediately spread. You may be held responsible for any run-off that enters city stormwater systems.


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