NE Spring Blvd: 116th-120th Ave. NE, Zone 1

Construction Alert

As part of the latest work on Spring Boulevard, crews are widening Northeast 12th Street at 116th Avenue Northeast and adding a new intersection to connect with Spring Boulevard. Some traffic impacts are expected. The project is scheduled for completion in late 2019 or early 2020.

The future Northeast Spring Boulevard will start at a new signalized intersection on Northeast 12th Street, just east of 116th Avenue Northeast. Four new travel lanes will extend east to 120th Avenue Northeast, bridging over the Eastside Rail Corridor and the future East Link light rail alignment. There will also be a pedestrian and bicycle path along the north side of the roadway, connecting to downtown Bellevue via an existing path on the nearby Northeast 12th Street bridge. The project being developed in coordination with Sound Transit's East Link light rail project.


The first phase of the project, from the Eastside Rail Corridor to 120th Avenue Northeast, was completed in early 2018. Construction of the second phase, from just east of 116th Avenue Northeast to the Eastside Rail Corridor, is anticipated to begin in early 2019.

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Northeast Spring Boulevard will enhance access and circulation for cars, transit, freight, pedestrians and bicycles between Downtown Bellevue, Wilburton and the BelRed area.


  • 2016-2018: Construction, Eastside Rail Corridor to 120th Avenue Northeast
  • 2019–2020: Construction, 116th Avenue Northeast to the Eastside Rail Corridor, Project mailer


Total project budget of $33 million is partially funded by a Surface Transportation Block Grant program. 

image of Spring Boulevard Zone 1 lane diagram


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