Transportation Demand Management

Transportation Demand Management promotes carpooling, vanpooling, transit, walking, biking, teleworking and flexible work hours. TDM activities focus on employers, employees, property image of people in vanpoolmanagers, residents and visitors. The benefits to the community include maximizing the efficiency of existing transportation system and limiting the impacts of traffic on Bellevue neighborhoods. Reducing trips also reduces air and water pollution.

TDM Plan

The most recent TDM plan covers 2015 through 2023. It offers alternatives to driving alone. Transportation system changes during the eight-year period covered by the plan include construction of the East Link light rail line and closure of the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride lot for several during construction of a new station and parking structure.

To develop the TDM plan, city staff reviewed existing plans, formed goals and targets, and assessed potential strategies to meet them. An implementation framework identifies partnerships and potential funding sources, including state and federal grants. The planning process draws on a substantial body of available data, results of statistically-valid surveys and a non-scientific, online community input survey.

Progress reporting

The city's 2016 Transportation Demand Management Progress Report summarizes TDM programs, activities and results. The report is updated about every two years.


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